Articulation of Women’s Empowerment Through Poetry

Critical Perspective


  • Sindile Dlodlo



Women, poetry, subaltern, oppression, feminism


This is a literary study which analyses poetic works produced by Zimbabwe Women Writers. It seeks to establish the position of women as far as articulation of their emancipation and empowerment is concerned. This is done in the light of the fact that Zimbabwe Women Writers is an organisation which represents both the achievements of women and an arena for women to speak out. The Ndebele anthology Inkondlo (1998) is analysed and in the course of the analysis, Spivak’s (1988) argument of the woman being a subaltern who cannot speak is interrogated. It is the author’s submission that contributions in the anthology Inkondlo actually deconstruct the feminist way of thinking which guides the publisher.


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Dlodlo, S. (2021). Articulation of Women’s Empowerment Through Poetry: Critical Perspective. DANDE Journal of Social Sciences and Communication, 2(2).