About the Journal

The DANDE Journal of Social Sciences and Communication also aims to:

- publish and disseminate information related to educational theories, teaching methods, research strategies and results of critical analyses of teaching/learning strategies or practices employed in various academic as well as other practice-based learning situations.

- provide a forum for critically analysing and discussing teaching/learning theories and practices in various subject disciplines and the role played by language, English in particular, to facilitate students’ understanding and application of such concepts in desired educational or professional disciplines.

Articles in this journal may also critically analyse certain current pedagogical strategies but the publishing committee generally regards views, attitudes and criticisms expressed in such presentations as personal observations and views of writers which do not necessarily represent the beliefs and attitudes of Bindura University of Science Education but would be sanctioned for publication if found publishable for the purpose of disseminating information intended to educate members of Bindura University and Science Education as well as other Universities and communities.